Moving Your Pet to Australia and New Zealand

We know the move around the world is a big one that’s why we offer unmatched support and service to make sure your pet’s move is as seamless as possible. **yes we are still moving pets during the COVID pandemic

We Love Pets Too!

Our pets are family

When you adopt or buy an animal, you make a commitment to it. You take on the responsibility of looking after that pet, ensuring its health and happiness for as long as it lives. In return, it provides you with so much happiness.

From a cat curling up at your feet at the end of a long working day to a dog walking happily by your side around the block, pets of all shapes and sizes bring so much joy into our lives, and it’s impossible to leave them behind when we make a move and we wouldn’t want anyone to have to make that choice, that’s why we do what we do.

For nearly 11 years we have been moving pets around the world, and we have seen and done it all. Particularly right now during COVID things are very tricky, we are here to help you navigate along the way and take away as much stress as possible.

​Moving Pets to Australia & New Zealand Can Be Tricky

Let us help make the process easier

Each year, countless people move to the beautiful nations of Australia and New Zealand. It’s a thrilling process for anyone, but a complicated one as well, especially if you have any furry friends to take with you.

​You’ve already got so much to think about in terms of documentation, travel arrangements, and your future life in your new home, and trying to make the journey with a pet can just add so much complexity to the whole ordeal. We offer guidance and experience and can take care of the whole process for you.

What We Do

Departing the USA for International Relocation to AU or NZ

We know the move around the world is a big one, and we are here to take the stress of relocating your pets off of your to do list! We can arrange for pick up of your pets from your home, make your pets’ airlines reservations, file required entry permits, process required blood panels, prepare crates for travel and ensure your pets are off safely to their new destination.

We have helped relocate thousands pets all over the world and are familiar with required import permits and regulations for each and every country!  We take pride in our specialized services to rabies free countries and states such as Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Guam.

We take the stress away and will prepare your pets entire international relocation for you. If entry permits are required we file for all necessary permits, submit any documentation ahead of time to the entry authorities, and work directly with your vet to ensure proper compliance is met.

Some countries REQUIRE a professional company accommodate your pet’s arrival and customs clearance, as an IPATA member we are members of a unique network of professional pet shippers who take great care in ensuring a successful relocation of your pet anywhere in the world. Let us take care of your pet’s move, start by getting a free quote

We Do This Every Day

All part of what we do for you

Several clients in Australia and New Zealand have used our services for relocating puppies to Australia and New Zealand.

We can arrange to pick them up from the local breeder, handle all vet appointments and blood work, take them back to the breeder while waiting for lab results, purchase and prepare crates for departure, obtain health certificates, book all flights, file all permits and make any necessary quarantine reservations as well.

If your breeder in the US is unable to keep the puppy or kitten for the required wait time, we can arrange boarding and even training services for your pets

We are experts in the export process for pet relocation to Australia and New Zealand.

We will provide you exact details of what is required for you pet’s move to Australia or New Zealand, and we coordinate this vet work directly with your vet clinic to avoid any confusion or missed deadlines. 

If your move to Australia or New Zealand requires you to leave before your pet is ready, we can arrange long term boarding at our small ranch located in Southern Oregon.

Here we can also offer basic house manners and potty training for puppies while they wait out their required time line as well.

If you do not already have airline approved international travel crates for your pets, we will help you to ensure you get the right crate.  Several countries also have their own requirements in regard to the type of crates they will allow for import. We ensure each country’s compliance is met. If your pet is not already crate trained we suggest you obtain a crate as soon as you are aware of your relocation and start this process right away. For tips on crate training please visit our tips page.


Once we are working with you, we will provide you a timeline of events for each step that is required to ensure your pets move to Australia or New Zealand is met in proper order and wait periods.

Pet from Category 2 countries such as Guam and Hawaii will have different requirements than those coming from Category 3 such as Mainland USA.

As members of IPATA we have personal and trusted relationships with other professional pet shippers all around the globe.  We can arrange home pickup and home delivery services in nearly every country.  This takes the stress off of you or your friends and family to ensure your pets gets where they need to be going without any hassle.

Australia and New Zealand still require quarantine upon your pet’s arrival.

We will ensure that all documentation is correct prior to your pet’s departure to ensure that this quarantine is limited to what is required and nothing longer.

We Take Care of Everything

We make moving with your pet super simple

With our help, all the worries, stresses, and potential problems of moving with a pet simply fade away. We make use of our experience and expertise to ensure that the process passes smoothly for everyone, taking care of all the documentation, customs, forms, and other aspects of the move.

In short, we make moving with your pet super simple, freeing you to focus on other matters related to your own personal and human family’s relocation. We have nearly 11 years of experience and have helped hundreds of families move their pets to Australia and New Zealand.

We are there to guide you through the process

​Do you still have questions?

Moving to Australia or New Zealand with a pet can feel like a huge challenge. We get it. We know the process better than anyone as we’ve already worked with many families and pet owners from all over the globe, assisting them in relocating with their animals and doing all we can to make the process totally hassle-free and stress-free too. We will provide you with step by step guidance and industry experience to make your move with your furry friend hassle free.

Are you a military family making a move overseas?

We specialize in working with the military

We can help with that too. We are a veteran owned US based company, and no one understands the stress and drama that can come with a military PCS better than we do.

We’ve got a lot of experience of helping military personnel make the move abroad with their animals and can once again ensure that the whole process passes smoothly for you and your furry companions.

Nearly all of our employees are military veterans or military spouses, so when we say we get it, we really do GET IT!

Get started today.

Get a free no-obligation quote

If you want to find out more and get a quote, simply get in touch with us. The whole process takes just a couple of minutes, with our team letting you know all the costs involved and introducing you to the whole process of pet moving with Island Pet Movers on a simple, step by step basis. When it comes to moving pets to Australia and New Zealand, we’re the experts. Get in touch today for a free quote.

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